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Ok so I realise that I have been absent from Deviant Art for some time. I know people have been trying to get in touch with me for commissions and I apologise for not picking you up on here.

Basically the truth is I have lost interest in cosplay for the most part. Ever since my Sith Lord cosplay from The Old Republic and the controversy of the Masquerade at the Expo I wore it at, some of my friends will know how bitter I am about the whole event, I have not really been that interested since. I suppose to state I am not longer interested in cosplay is unfair. I am interested in cosplay, I have just lost my mojo as it were in the hobby. I am hoping that it will come back in time. I have been cosplaying since October 2005, attended nearly every expo since and a few cons. I guess it would be a shame to let it all go. So I have decided, along with Josh, that we will no longer be attending any expos and on top of that we will be taking a break until Kitacon 2014.

I suppose that brings me on to expos. May 2013 was as I said above my last. At least for the foreseeable future. We had been discussing it for a while and to be honest it was certainly a good expo to leave it on. At no point did this expo make me want to come back again so it seemed fair. In a way it made it easier to let go. They have had a good run, and with them I have some wonderful memories.

I plan to start investing my time into my other interests. I have a new love for my Marine Fish Tank which takes up a lot of my time as I slowly build that up from scratch. I plan to involve myself a lot more into Warhammer and modelling. Something which was put onto the shelves during my time in cosplay. I also plan to start (and I have literally just started) building GK anime figures. Which once I have had some practice with, I plan to offer out my services as a commissionable service if people are interested. I think using my somewhat 15 year experience in painting models I will be able to do this reasonably.

On a personal note believe it or not I turn 28 this year (next month actually). Its life over at 30 so I guess I am nearly there lol. But having said that I have been struggling recently with depression. Unfortunately it runs heavily in my family and it has hit me hard this year. I have permanent dark circles under my eyes where I do not sleep well enough and I am always tired and completely lack energy. I am trying to get through this the best I can, this also probably doesn't help my thoughts on cosplay at the moment.

I have a new job. After leaving Bernard Matthews I have come to Lakeside Foods. I was with BM for over 9 years and the change has not been easy for me. On the up note and am now earning a lot more than I was before and I am finally being paid the amount that I should be for my career choice. So at least there is a positive there.

I tried to give up facebook. It lasted 23 days before I realised without one I wasn't getting through to the people I wanted to reach with my hobbies. So its back but I use it discreetly.

So as the title suggests I am going to try and get into the habit of being much more active on here. I have a lot of photos which have been taken of various projects over the years to add here, so those of you that follow me have that to look forward to. I'm not sure when, just when I have a spare hour or so to take the mass time to upload to DA.

Take care.

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nanahara7 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2013
well from what you've wrote here it certainly comes across that you've thought about this long and hard, coming to the most sensible conclusion for yourself at this time. I wish you luck on wherever your life may take you.
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